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New Facility Update

Harrison Hills City Schools New PK-12
Construction Update

• Constructing masonry walls in the PE gymnasium.

• Continue elementary school wing concrete foundation installation.

• Roofing installation over the main electrical room and kitchen and began roofing over student dining area.

• Poured concrete slab on grade in the main electrical room and kitchen area.

• Relocation of existing gas line at east area of Liggett Lane.

• Continue underground plumbing rough-in at the high school wing of the building.

• Completed installation of metal roof deck over the kitchen and electrical room areas.

• Current construction views:

District Office

• Mrs. Snider attended two-day OMERESA meeting where internet safety product Securly was reviewed, state board of education members and local legislators spoke, and 2018-19 costs were reviewed.

• Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Snider attended the OMERESA board meeting.

• Mrs. Snider attended the Harrison County task force meeting concerning opiate use.

• The superintendent attended the "Get Ready for the Test Assembly" at Harrison East.

• Administration attended the Board of Education meeting held March 27.

• Intervention faculty accompanied Mr. Morgan to a professional development session within special education

• Building administration and Mr. Morgan continued to plan for Ohio’s State Tests administration

• Mr. Morgan met with the State Support Team’s school improvement specialists

• Continued collaboration with related services personnel within the district was led by Mr. Morgan

• S.H.P. and Mr. Morgan worked within the new school project to update building details

• Consultation with curriculum providers regarding enhanced materials within the district was conducted by Mr. Morgan

• Mr. Morgan worked with school community members regarding instruction

• Mr. Morgan led review meetings at the Harrison Career Center

• Mr. Ripley completed a walk-through of the new school job site with Hammond Construction.

• Mr. Ripley and Mr. Morgan collaborated on school safety procedures.

• Mr. Ripley and Ms. Howes met concerning summer food for students.

• Bus driver physical and hearing test dates have been established for May.

• Mr. Ripley and Ms. Howes will be scheduling a training for the cafeteria employees to continue offer more choices for our student body at the high school.

• The Treasurer, EMIS Coordinator and Attorney have been working together to compile information for a public records request.

• The fiscal department has worked with the Ohio Department of Health to clarify any questions they had related to a Help Me Grow grant review. To date, all documents and record keeping are in compliance.

• The Treasurer has completed everything necessary on behalf of the board of education to assist the Cadiz CIC with final documents they need related to a grant.

• Mrs. Harding attended the OMERESA work/budget session at Salt Fork on April 4. She and Mrs. Snider attended the Board Meeting held on April 5.


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Harrison Central Jr/Sr High

• Junior prom court 2018 is (l-r) Keishi Arnold, Autumn Ash, Caden Dalton, Allison Heavilin, Dylan Holmes, Alexee McAfee, Evan Stine, Sydney Starr, Payton Taylor, Madison Young

• Senior prom court is (l-r) Caden Arbaugh, Molly Arbogast, Justin Boyer, Joyce Barr, Coleman Dodds, Kali Carter, Dillon Dodds, Sarah Fink, Bailey Eberhart, Bethany Ripley

• Jr. High girls track came away with a win at their first meet of the season in Bellaire.

• The Thespian Banquet was held on Sunday following the weekend of Footloose performances.

• Alex Wiley completed her senior project by hosting a youth basketball camp!

• Prom royalty was crowned on Saturday evening! Princess Allison Heavilin, Prince Keishi Arnold, King Dillon Dodds, and Queen Joyce Barr.

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, April 10-Wednesday 11 – Language Arts State Testing

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Harrison East Elementary

• Mr. Bengier’s 4th grade social studies students explored their world by drawing poster-sized renditions of our planet.

• Mrs. Noble’s 1st grade class celebrated their AR reading goals by having an ice cream extravaganza!

• Students in Ms. Jacobsen’s ELA classes enjoyed a book tasting event. Students got to “taste” a variety of book genres and completed a brochure so they can use as a reference when checking books out at the library. After the book tasting, students completed a reflection on the experience. Allison Henry stated, “I loved the book tasting. I am very surprised at the books I read. I liked being introduced to new books because it got me out of my comfort zone of books. I loved the book tasting!” Another 3rd grader, Madison Blawut said, “I wish we would do this every day! This was the best thing I have done. This is how reading can be fun. I loved reading new books today.”

Fifty Star Fun presented by Harrison East PTO
• Over the past several weeks, classes at Harrison East have been in a Star Challenge. Each class caught displaying good behavior anywhere in the school is being awarded a star. The classes that reached 50 stars were treated to a wide array of fun and games provided by our PTO. Students played corn hole, had sack races, played tic tac toe, and had many more fun activities. Thank you PTO! Winners on our first 50-Star Challenge were kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades.

• Harrison East had the honor of recognizing over 170 students who achieved Honor Roll, Principal’s List, or Perfect Attendance for the 3rd 9-week grading period. To celebrate the students were able to go on a treasure hunt. Clue were strategically placed around the school and the students worked in groups to see who could finish first. Some of the prizes included hat day, extra recess, and bunny sitting with Mrs. Stinespring’s rabbit. Pictured below are two of the 5th grade teams and a happy little bunny sitter.

• The 3rd grade recently had a creative writing assignment where students applied for the Easter Bunny position. Students also authored an opinion piece on the best Easter egg hunt ever.

• Nothing says spring time like spring pictures. Students (and teachers) enjoy the memories made with class and group pictures.

• Mrs. Carman’s 4th grade students were asked, “What is your passion? What will you do to improve yourself, your school, or your world?” Esther Harris, retired school teacher, shared her passion about nature and animals with the fourth graders. They created individual booklets to share with their families. Students picked up some drawing and shading techniques. They also used sand, stickers, cotton, and glitter to enhance their drawings. Lastly, the students came to the realization that it is up to us to protect the Earth and respect each other as unique irreplaceable gifts.

• Working together, Harrison East’s PTO and Harrison Hills Safe Schools Healthy Schools provided the students and staff with some motivational, high energy encouragement before state testing begins. Higher Impact reminded the students key elements to their success on state testing such as studying, practicing, good night’s sleep, and eating healthy . The mnemonic of READY motivated the students to reach higher, erase negative attitudes, apply what they’ve learned, doing their best, and you can do it. Higher Impact even had the staff participating in some fun-spirited skits and a whole lot of dancing!

• Miss Bethel’s fifth grade classes had a math Easter egg hunt. Inside the eggs, the students found a sweet treat and a math question!

• Mrs. Sproull’s 3rd grade social studies classes participated in a community service project involving Harrison County Dog Shelter. Students collected food, collars, and toys for the residents at the dog shelter. The students were able to tour the updated facility and were given a short presentation by dog wardens John Birney and Jeff Campbell detailing how the animals are placed in loving, fur – ever homes. This gave the students an understanding of what it means to help their community and the importance of being a good citizen.

• Mrs. Mallernee’s preschool letter recently was “Uu”. Students experienced under table art. They taped paper to the underside of the table and the little artists found a new and different way to practice writing their letters!

Mark Your Calendar

04/09 Ohio State testing begins (TIDE AIR) 3rd grade Part 1

04/09 Ohio State testing 3rd grade Part 2

04/17 April Parent Club Meeting (5PM) and PTO Meeting (5:30PM)

04/18 NO PAWS Afterschool (staff meeting)

04/20 Last scheduled day for PAWS Afterschool program

04/20 4th 9-weeks Progress Reports sent home

05/04 4th grade Presentation Day in the afternoon

05/09 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/10 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/11 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/14 PAWS Field trip to Pittsburg Science Museum (late return)

05/15 3rd grade field trip to Carnagie Science Center in Pittsburg (late return)

05/15 Preschool field trip to the Norma Johnson

05/16 Preschool trip to the Hopedale Park

05/17 Spring Music program – grades 1st, 3rd, 5th

05/18 Memorial Day Program 9AM

05/18 Annual Senior Walk 11 AM

05/21 Preschool graduation 10 AM

05/21 Preschool Open House and registration 1:30-6:30

05/21 4th grade Poetry Day (AM at Gable’s Care Center and PM in the gym)

05/22 4th, 5th, and 6th grade End-of-Year Recognition Assembly (10AM)

05/23 Honors Breakfast 7:30AM Hopedale Social Hall

05/23 6th Grade Graduation (10AM)

05/24 4th Grade field trip to Austin Lake

05/24 6th grade field trip to KennyWood

05/24 Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades End-of-Year Recognition Assembly (10AM)

05/25 Last day of school

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Harrison North Elementary

• 6th grade went to watch the high school perform Footloose, and loved it!

• The 3rd grade class took part in chick hatching.

• After reading “The Secret Garden” by Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett in Mrs. Steel’s 4th grade Reading group. The students displayed their interpretation of the setting and characters.

• Mrs. Turner's first graders enjoy a story from Mrs. Velma Gross, an Alevian Club member. The club has sent a member to read once a month this school year.

Mark Your Calendar

April 19 - PTA pizza fundraiser delivery

April 20 - 4th 9 weeks progress reports sent home

April 30 - 5th underground railroad field trip

May 2 - PTA meeting at 5 p.m. in school cafeteria

May 4 - Kindergarten Registration

May 8 - Mrs. Gaffney’s 2nd grade to Ourant one room school

May 9 - No preschool classes

May 11 - Kindergarten Registration

May 11 - Miss Tipton’s 2nd grade to Ourant one room school

May 16-18 - 6th grade field trip to Washington D.C.

May 18 - Senior walk thru

May 18 - 4th grade wax museum

May 21 - Preschool Graduation

May 24 - Field Day

May 25 - Last day of school

May 25 - Report cards sent home


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