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New Facility Update

Harrison Hills City Schools New PK-12
Construction Update

The new facility drive-around with be held on May 19th. from 3-7. Plan to attend to receive information about the new school and a small memento.

• Continue elementary school wing concrete foundation installation.

• Continue installation of permanent electrical service.

• Continue underground sanitary pipe installation in the high school wing.

• Overhead electrical rough in at the athletic and administration areas.

• HVAC ductwork installation in the athletic and administration areas.

• Continue masonry CMU at the first floor of the high school wing.

• Continue roof truss installation of the gymnasium and athletic area.

• Continue plumbing locker room rough in.

• Prepare for the balance of concrete slab on grade in the student dining.

• Install masonry CMU at the second story of the administration/middle school area.

• Begin concrete topping at the second floor precast concrete area.

District Office

• Mrs. Snider attended the "Mock Accident" presented for Harrison Central's Sophomores, Junior, and Seniors. Thank you to Tony Sedgmer, Sherriff Myers, Eric Wilson, and local fire, EMS, police, and State Highway Patrol for your assistance with this thought provoking dramatization of the results of distracted driving. I am sure that messages such as this one will prevent accidents and save lives.

• Mrs. Snider attended the band banquet on May 6th. at Hopedale Social Hall.

• The superintendent attended the guest speaker presentation from Belmont Correctional Institute.

• Mrs. Snider attended Harrison Central's Band and Choir concerts. Congratulations to Mrs. Ripley and Mr. Zalenski on wonderful performances by all.

• Mrs. Snider, Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Harding, Mr. Ripley, Mr. Eddy, Mr. Madzia, and Mr. Allen attended the CORE progress meeting on school construction.

• Mrs. Snider, Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Harding, Mr. Ripley, the Board of Education and the Class of 2019 gathered for the Senior and Junior ‘beam signing’ on the site of our new campus.

• Mr. Morgan attended the Class of 2018 Senior Project Presentations at Harrison Central High School

• Mr. Morgan attended the Puskarich Public Library System’s Board of Trustees Meeting

• Mr. Morgan attended the Baseball and Softball Sectional Tournament games

• Mr. Morgan collaborated with Mr. Jones and co-led officer interviews for our FFA Chapter

• Mr. Morgan attended the 2018 Mock Trial presentation coordinated by Mr. Hayes and led by students of Harrison Central

• Mr. Morgan and building administrators collectively prepared for our final DLT Meeting of the year

• Mr. Morgan collaborated with parents regarding school enrollment

• Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Trushel worked on Help Grow and Family and Children First FY18 spending and closing for the school year. They worked on budgeting of MIECHV funds for FY19 and discussed contracts with partners.

• Mrs. Harding did the Medicaid 5 year revalidation process. She has been notified by Ohio Department of Health that the filing was submitted successfully and the district is good for 5 more years.

• Mrs. Starkey and Mrs. Harding worked on HHTA questions for staff and reviewing of the tentative agreement.

• Work has begun to fix the sound system at Wagner Field.

• Mr. Ripley attended a transportation webinar.

• Mr. Ripley and Mrs. Snider collaboration on school start and end times for the up and coming school year.

• Bus drivers began the process of T-8 completion for the next school year by having hearing tests completed.

June Wellness Challenge

Get your water bottle ready for the next Wellness challenge…It begins June 1st and ends June 30th. By successfully completing the Challenge, you will earn 5 Wellness Credits. View the file below for more information. Good luck!!! =)

Water Works Challenge


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Harrison Central Jr/Sr High

• Belmont prison provided a speaker to send a message to students about making good choices.

• Congratulations to the junior high boys track team on winning the BMC small school championship!!

• Choir wrapped up the year with their spring concert on Wednesday evening.

• Juniors signed a beam that will be used in the new school facility!

• Congrats to Logan Elliott for receiving the Ohio Valley Baseball Umpires scholarship!

• Mr. Hayes and his Street Law students showed off their hard work at the Mock Trial on Thursday!

• It was a busy signing week at Harrison Central! Letters of intent were signed by Shaniel Nameth & Laken Ward for softball at Kent State Tuscarawas, Reanne Brooks for soccer at Muskingum, and Logan Elliott for baseball at Bethany!

• Congrats to the baseball team on a sectional victory!!

• Thank you to the students, first responders, officers, and offices that organized the mock accident for our students. It was a true reminder of how much support we have from our community and how important it is to practice safe driving habits.

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, May 15 – Awards Assembly in gymnasium @ 9am

Thursday, May 17 – Track Districts @ West Holmes @ 4pm

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Harrison North Elementary

• Scio Branch Library recently held a bookmark contest. Third grader, Tayla Thompson, was chosen as the winner! She had picked up a form when she went to the library with her 21st Century Enrichment class for their weekly visit.

• Preschool attended a professional development on Classroom Management Through the Universal Design Approach at Toronto Middle School on May 9, 2018.

• Second grade classes went to Ourant One Room School near Deersville. Students learned about school years ago. They had a great time!

• Harrison North welcomed the arrival of Mrs. Barker’s daughter Scarlett Allivia Barker on May 9, 2018 weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long. Congratulations!

• Harrison North named March students of the month. In the back row from left to right: Triston Cole- 3rd grade, Katja Bertolino- 5th grade, Drew Burgess- 4th grade, and Ryan Arbaugh- 6th grade. In the front row from left to right: Aubrey Citro- 2nd grade, John Coutts- Kindergarten, and Madison Singhaus- 1st grade. Absent from photo is Harper Stull- preschool.

• Harrison North names April students of the month. In the back row from left to right: Charles Vint- 5th grade, Chloe Omaits- 2nd grade, Duval Citro- 4th grade, and Trinity McCloud- 6th grade. In the front row from left to right: Isabelle Knight- Kindergarten, Josiah Ward- 1st grade, Parker McAfee- 3rd grade, and Mila-Lynn Edwards- preschool.

• On Friday, May 11th the preschoolers at Harrison North went to the Scio Park. Before departing from the school, the kids released their butterfly. After playing at the park all day, we walked to the ice cream stand and cooled off with an ice cream cone.

Mark Your Calendar

May 14 - Summer Reading Program with Puskarich Public Library Scio Branch

May 14 - Preschool field trip to The Farm at Walnut Creek

May 15 - Spring Music Program (grades 1, 3, & 5 perform and 5th & 6th grade band)

May 15 - Jewett Head Start visits North

May 16 - grades 3-6 to The Wilds

May 16-18 - 6th grade field trip to Washington D.C.

May 18 - Senior walk thru

May 18 - 4th grade wax museum

May 21 - Preschool Graduation @ 10:30 a.m.

May 21 - Preschool Open House 1:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

May 21 - 1st grade field trip to Akron Zoo

May 22 - 1st grade to Scio Park

May 22 - Memorial Day Program @ 10 a.m.

May 23 - Carnegie Science Center to visit North

May 24 - Field Day

May 25 - Last day of school

May 25 - Awards Banquet and 6th grade farewell

May 25 - Report cards sent home


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Harrison East Elementary

• During 3rd grade’s unit of life cycles, science students were able to view various stage of the butterfly and chicken’s life cycle by hatching both chicks and Painted Lady butterflies.

• After studying animals, 3rd grade students did a report and diorama on a wild animal of choice. Students reported on the animals inherited and acquired traits, habitat, food chain, life cycle, and adaptations. Great effort was put into the projects and they turned out great!

• District preschool staff had a professional development at Toronto Middle School discussing various classroom management techniques.

• Super 2nd Grade Readers

Katie Cumings 175 AR points

Olin Wade 150 AR points

Sage Anthony, McKynze Bryant, and Kolton Mizer 100 AR points

Kaesyn Johnson 75 AR points and Elliot Rhondes 25 AR points

Brycen Phillipson and Andrew Mattern 100 AR points and

Cael Bryant 125 AR points

Gianna Siragusano 25 AR points

Emma Palmer 100 AR points

Evie Richards 200 AR points

• Harrison County Cancer Crusaders asked Ms. Van Camp’s art class to make some cheery, uplifting tiles as a gift for area cancer survivors. A wonderful idea with beautiful artwork that will bring some joy and put a smile on some local faces!

• It’s amazing how a school community can come together for such a good cause!! Thank you to our Harrison East family for helping to raise money and awareness for Autism..... $1060 was raised for this event alone! A special thank you to Mr. Bengier for allowing us to tape him to the wall. Thank you to Harrison East PTO, staff members, students, and parents for making this event such a huge success!!

• Spring art masterpieces

• Janet Hirschback spends time with 3rd grader, Gavin Furmanski, as he practices his daily reads.

Mark Your Calendar

05/09 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/10 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/11 2nd grade field trip to Ourant School

05/14 PAWS Field trip to Pittsburg Science Museum (late return)

05/15 3rd grade field trip to Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburg (late return)

05/15 Preschool field trip to the Norma Johnson

05/16 Guernsey-Muskingum Electric

05/16 5th grade to Pittsburg Pirates Education Day game

05/16 Preschool trip to the Hopedale Park

05/17 Spring Music program – grades 1st, 3rd, 5th – 1:00 PM in the gym

05/18 Puskarich Public Library Summer Reading Program presentation

05/18 Memorial Day Program 9AM

05/18 Annual Senior Walk 11 AM

05/21 Preschool graduation 10 AM

05/21 Preschool Open House and registration 1:30-6:30

05/21 4th grade Poetry Day (AM at Gable’s Care Center and PM in the gym)

05/22 4th, 5th, and 6th grade End-of-Year Recognition Assembly (10AM)

05/23 Honors Breakfast 7:30AM Hopedale Social Hall

05/23 6th Grade Graduation (10AM)

05/24 4th Grade field trip to Austin Lake

05/24 6th grade field trip to Kenny Wood

05/24 Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades End-of-Year Recognition Assembly (10AM)

05/25 Last day of school – annual field day activities


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