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Huskies Talk Issue 4

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New Facility Update

Harrison Hills City Schools New PK-12
Construction Update

• Bleachers are finished and press box is set in position

• Working on new building punch-list items which include but are not limited to furniture, technology, and minor touchups

• Performing lawn soil preparation and seeding

• Completed the fieldhouse brick veneer installation

• Installing fieldhouse plumbing and electrical

• Installing fieldhouse roof and exterior metal

• Installing stadium bleachers and pressbox

• Installing stadium lighting

District Office

• The Board of Education and Administration congratulates the Huskies’ golf team and wishes them success in the districts.

• Mrs. Snider attended the “See Something Say Something” presentations.

• The new preschools and the Latch Key program will receive their final inspections on October 9th.

• St. Clairsville City School’s new facility team toured Harrison Central on September 26th.

• Review meetings within special education were held within the week

• Mrs. Hajiran and Mr. Morgan continue to meet collaboratively with faculty

• Consultation with curriculum providers regarding professional development for successful implementation.

• Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Clements attended an OMERESA State Software meeting on Friday September 27 to learn of new enhancements to the programs.

• Mrs. Clements has been working with our insurance provider and has set up a wellness screening for staff on October 14.

• All FY2019 grants have been closed and the final expenditures reports have been approved by the state.

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Harrison Central Jr/Sr High

• HC golfers shoot 342 and finish 2nd at the sectional tournament, advancing to the district tournament at Eaglesticks as a team for the 3rd straight year.

• Hope McAfee, Harrison & Carroll County CCMEP Coordinator for the Jefferson County Community Action Council, came to talk to Ms. Roski’s Work Skills class about the Department of Job and Family Services Work Placement Program.

• The HC band performed at the junior high football game.

• Junior High football beat Martins Ferry.

• See something, Say something presentation by Emergency Management Director, Eric Wilson.

• Abrielle Soos represented Harrison Central at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston this past summer. She received an Award of Excellence.

• Mr. Valesko’s math class had a contest with playing Jeopardy.

• High School students gave HC tattoos to the elementary students as part of PBIS.

Mark Your Calendar

Monday, September 30
• Varsity Volleyball @ Barnesville 5:30
• Varsity Girls Soccer @ Carrollton 7:00

Tuesday, October 1
• Junior High Volleyball @ Linsly 5:30
• Varsity Boys Soccer @ Caldwell 5:00

Wednesday, October 2
• Varsity Volleyball vs. Steubenville 5:30
• Junior High Football vs. Wheeling Central Catholic 6:00

Thursday, October 3
• Varsity Volleyball vs. Indian Creek (Buckeye 8) 5:30
• Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Brooke 6:00
• Junior High Volleyball @ Buckeye Local 5:30

Friday, October 4
• Varsity Football @ St. Clairsville 7:30

Saturday, October 5
• Varsity Girls Soccer @ Coshocton 1:00
• Varsity Boys Soccer @ Coshocton 3:00
• Cross Country @ Cambridge (OVAC) 9:00

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Harrison Central Elementary

• In recognition of the National Awareness Day, September 25, of the If You See Something, Say Something D.A.R.E. Officer Deputy Tony Sedgmer education our grades 3-6 on not only how to stay safe, but also how to keep others around you safe, also.

• Third grade students learned about some of the tools scientists use to do their job. Students then looked at objects using hand lenses and finally under a microscope!

• Third graders created and presented “Role Model” posters in Social Studies class after reading about role models and the behaviors and characteristics that make a person admirable.

• Mrs. Rocchi’s 21st Century students walked four laps around the playground. We kept track of laps with silly bands on our writs. Then we traded in the bracelets for a necklace charm of a tennis shoe. Each mile earns a charm. Our goal is to walk the equivalent of a marathon. The support and encouragement the children showed each other was heartwarming. One mile is not easy! They are learning about valuing their health, teamwork and responsibility (they are keeping their necklaces to add charms in the future.)

• Each student in Mrs. Doty’s 2nd grade class adopted a pet this week. With the adoption, students promised to read to their pet 20 minutes each night. The students were excited! The class also used their Smartboard to practice spelling words; it was a fun, new way to learn!

• Mrs. Tiffany works with Miss Elizabeth Tipton’s kindergarten class in Project Kind. Students learn ways they can show kindness to each other throughout the day.

• Fourth grade enjoyed the ever-popular field trip to Zitko Farm. Students enjoyed learning all about how a working farm operates on a daily basis.

• After Miss Anna Tipton’s 2nd grade class read the story, A Walk in the Desert, Miss Terri brought in a real cactus so the students could visualize what they’d just read.

• Miss Jacobsen’s 1st grade students learned about problems and how they are solved in their reading story, A Pig in a Wig, this week. They wrapped up the week by summarizing the story using a graphic organizer and creating their own pig in a wig from the story. Also, the first writer in the spotlight for the new school was Chloe Lan. At the end of each week students do a quick write sheet with a writing prompt about the weekly story. They must try to sound words out, use words in the word bank and from the word wall to complete their writing. Chloe made sure to include her capital letters and ending marks on her sentences as well as sounding her words out on her own.

• Avalyn Sall was recognized for the kindness she shows to others. She allowed another student to be the line leader during bus dismissal. She demonstrates good leadership qualities on a daily basis by helping others, following the rules, respecting others, and working hard. Way to go Avalyn!

• September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Harrison Central Elementary had the opportunity to remember one of our own, Drew Palmer. To keep his memory alive, students took a walk around the school led by Drew’s family. Although Drew is no longer with us, he will always be remembered!

Mark Your Calendar

October 14
• Parent-Teacher conferences (no classes for students)
• Columbus Day

October 16
• Fall pictures preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade

October 17
• Fall Pictures 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades

October 18
• Fall pictures 5th and 6th grade

October 25
• 1st 9-week grading period ends


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