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April 1, 2020 

Hello All,

I just wanted to share a couple of things that are upcoming for our PE class!

My goal is for every student to move, have a little fun and sharpen some skills in the process! In this next set of lessons coming up next week, I'm going to also provide a sheet that can be filled out as your child does things. Date, activity and amount of time spent can be recorded. I will just ask that this sheet be brought back to school when we return. It is very difficult for the “specials” (Art, Music, Computer and myself) teachers due to the large number of students we deal with throughout the school week. So for me to expect to hear from such a huge amount of families, is too much. So, you can just begin recording things when the sheet is given out next week! Thank you and I hope all is well!


Mr. Palmer

March 19, 2020 
During these difficult times, I would like to keep my students engaged in lessons which are very similar to what we do in class. I understand that not everyone has all of the equipment needed for everything included, but all I ask is that we do the best we can. My main concern is that ALL students keep moving as much as possible!! If we can spend a minimum of 10-15 minutes per day for 3 days a week, we are doing well! Of course you are welcome to do more!
We will rotate 4 different lessons. Which is a month's worth of activity. After the 4 lessons we will start them again. The next time through, try to focus on doing the activities with more precision. Just try to do them a little better! Remember, the key is to get off the couch and move! Thank you to everyone for bearing with us in such a strange and uncharted time! 
One more thing, although the lessons may show they are for certain grade levels, they will benefit everyone equally! I have chosen things that everyone can do, and probably already have done! The older students will just do these activities at a higher level because of their experience.
Thank You!
Mr. Palmer

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