Voice Recognition


§ “School leaders actively and creatively relay information to all stakeholders about all facets of learning at the school.”

§ “The leadership and staff are unified in a commitment to increased student success and are working together to achieve that goal.”

§ “Leadership and staff ensure that instructional time is protected, current and relevant materials are readily available, and that finances are utilized to the fullest potential.”

§ “The collaborative teaching teams provide an inclusive environment for all students, in which they feel safe, receive individualized instruction, and are challenged to reach their full potential.”

§ “District administration has developed highly effective policies and supports which allow the leadership of the school to guide the staff towards school wide continuous improvement with a goal of increased student achievement.”

In the words and findings of the National AdvanceEd Accreditation evaluation team during their onsite review in 2017, the Harrison Hills City School District is proud to present to you a deeper understanding of our school district via this District Profile for the 2018-2019 academic year.

District Profile:

The Harrison Hills City School District staff is dedicated to enkindling in our students a desire and passion for lifelong learning. A highly motivated and committed team of administrators, teachers and staff eagerly work collaboratively to spark our children’s intellectual curiosity and individualize instruction to meet their diverse learning needs. We have taken great strides to provide superior technological access to relevant and rigorous digital curriculum for our students. Within our school community, we dedicate ourselves to daily reflection of our mission: developing a trusting relationship with all stakeholders of the Harrison Hills City School District in providing access to a rigorous education and quality educational opportunities for our children.

Academic Progress:

As shifts in educational focus rapidly occur in today’s society, the United States Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Education, and the Ohio General Assembly have a profound impact on the face of public education within the Harrison Hills City School District. Challenges mandated through these shifts in focus are a commitment that Harrison Hills City Schools embraces in continuing to provide a quality 21st century education and improve academic performance by all definitions. The Harrison Hills City School District encourages you to examine the progress our schools are making in an ever dynamic environment, the lasting relationships that employees build with our students as mentors and the pride that is evident as students develop and discover success, both in school and in life.

Success in Academics:

The Harrison Hills City School District highlights progress and success in academics through a dedicated vision developed with input from the community as a whole. While student testing scores overall demonstrate academic improvement, these student scores do not define the progress that our teachers and students make in an instructional year that spans yearly from August to June.

However, in looking at reported scores from the State of Ohio, it is important to note the progress of the students that are educated within the buildings of Harrison Hills. While we support ALL of our students, data shown by the State of Ohio and included as part of their grading process for public school districts reflects scores inclusive of buildings where students receive education either in a vocational and/or alternate to public schooling environment. We are proud of the choices that our students are afforded in education, and boast of employability skills that are developed at these alternate locations.

Instructional Offerings for our Students:

Harrison Hills City School District is composed of two pre-kindergarten through grade six schools, Harrison East Elementary School in Hopedale, Ohio, and Harrison North Elementary School in Scio, Ohio. Harrison Central Junior-Senior High School, located in Cadiz, Ohio, houses our students in grades seven through twelve. All of our schools within the school district have extensive supports built in as we strive toward academic excellence. The best interest of ALL students is at the center of every decision made within the Harrison Hills City School District.


Curriculum is more than the courses of instruction that we offer in our schools. Our Curriculum is standards based, designed to help students reach and exceed grade level progress as they continue their learning through graduation and beyond. The Harrison Hills City School District has created various options for our students as they travel through our wide ranging curriculum. We offer content courses in the traditional classroom setting, blended-learning instruction (a combination of traditional classes and web-based instruction), virtual instruction, advanced placement courses, and dual high school and college enrollment with local colleges.

In order to achieve our goal for all students to be college or career ready when they graduate, the district and its school teams use data-driven practices to guide instruction. The district uses student results from OLSAT, Stanford-10, Pearson benchmark assessments, STAR assessments and progress monitoring in coordination with classroom-based assessments to monitor the progress of its students. Instructional intervention through the Response to Intervention (RTI) process is implemented at all levels of education to improve student achievement and provide additional student and parent support in developing a clear understanding of the student’s learning.

District Highlights:

With the graduating class of 2018, Harrison Hills City School District Graduates collectively received in excess of $1,000,000 in local and national scholarship money to attend college post-high school. Of these 134 total graduates, Harrison Hills City School District is proud to announce the following statistics:

  • 44.7% of graduates enrolled in a four-year university
  • 19.4% of graduates enrolled in a two-year college or trade school
  • 29.8% of graduates entered into the workforce
  • 5.9% of graduates enlisted in the military

From elementary school to high school, the Harrison Hills City School District is proud of the students, staff, faculty, and community for endless effort in cultivating genuine teaching and learning opportunities for ALL students. Extended learning opportunities for students and families alike include:

  • Literacy Nights
  • Family Fun Fall Event
  • Right to Read Week
  • Huskies Huddles
  • After School Elementary Programming

We are proud of our Huskies community!

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