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Huskies Talk Issue 22

Mrs. Snider attended the West Virginia University Hospital’s dedication at Harrison Community Hospital. 

The superintendent and assistant superintendent joined the Jefferson County Service Center zoom meeting pertaining to school funding, professional development, and the 2021-2022 school year. 

Legal notices were sent out for the parking lot resealing project and cafeteria management assistance.

The quarterly filing of the COVID CRF funding was submitted by the Treasurer.

Mrs. Harding completed the catastrophic cost report and submitted to ODE.

The Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Clements and Mrs. Johnson have been purging old employee files and getting files in order for digital storage.



Bell Tower Preservation

The bells from the top of the former Harrison Central building have been preserved and brought to the new school in Mr. Noble’s shop class, as they will be working on the preservation. The first bell dates to 1868, the second bell 1901, and the third bell 1930. The bell originating from 1868 survived a fire from when the building caught fire in an earlier year. After the preservation is complete, the bell will be located in the area next to the track, where there are many items from the history of the school. 

- Lukas Soos

Wizard of Oz

The cast and crew of the spring musical “Wizard of Oz” has been practicing for their first show that starts on Friday, April 23. They have been practicing while wearing costumes and using props. They have even brought in Toto!

- Karlea Thompson

High School Track Meet

On Tuesday, April 6, Harrison Central hosted the first high school track meet held at the new track facility. The girls team placed first and the boys team placed third. Great Job to both teams for your performance when opening your new facility! 

- Nadia Tweedy

Junior High Track Meet

On Wednesday, March 31, the junior high track team hosted the first track meet at the new track facility. Although the results of the meet were not how they wanted them to be, everyone had a great experience on the very first meet at the new track complex. 

- Logan Johnson

Prom Court

Harrison Central will be hosting their annual prom on Saturday, April 17. This year’s senior prom queen candidates are as follows: Jasmine Arnold, Becca Banks, Audrey Corder, Kate Crothers, and Abbi Kelly(left to right). This year’s king candidates are Jacob Brown, Skylar Mazeroski, Kobe Mitchell, Jack Novotny, and Sam Santille(left to right). Special congratulations to the junior prince and princess candidates: Nathan Bertolino, Destiny Arnold, Caleb Blawut, Mckayla Dunkle, Trevor Carmen, Tristen Kovarick, Jacob Mattern, Sarah Touville, Ben Puskarich and Jenna Young. Congratulations to our prom candidates. 

- Leah Cottrell


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 13
• Girls’ JV Softball @ Steubenville High School 5:00 pm
• Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. St. Clairsville 5:00 pm
• CoEd Varsity Track vs. St. Clairsville 4:30 pm 

Wednesday, April 14
• Boys’ JV Baseball @ Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• Boys’ Varsity Baseball vs. Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• Girls’ JV Softball @ Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• Girls’ Varsity Softball vs. Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• CoEd JH Track Invite @ Union Local 4:00 pm 

Friday, April 16
• Boys’ JV Baseball vs. Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• Boys’ Varsity Baseball @ Indian Creek 5:00 pm 
• Girls’ JV Softball vs. Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• Girls’ Varsity Softball @ Indian Creek 5:00 pm
• CoEd JH Track Invite @ Buckeye Trail 4:00 pm

Saturday, April 17
• Boys’ JV Baseball @ Richmond Edison High School 12:00 pm
• Harrison Central Prom-6PM




A BIG Husky High Five to March’s Students of the Month. These students were chosen by their classroom teachers for their outstanding effort and character in the classroom. Keep up the great work, Huskies!

Preschool: Jackson Noble

Preschool: Sarah Kutcher

Kindergarten: Abbigail Eddy & Skylar Gladman

First Grade: Liam Harris & Kinsey Hayes

Second Grade: Logan Stephens

Second Grade: Gauge Nape

Third Grade: Aubree Barker & Caleb Vergitz

Fourth Grade: Alyssa Forero & Haylee Kelley

Fifth Grade: McKynze Bryant & Evie Richards

Sixth Grade: Kamryn Crothers & Bailey Smith

Group photo, Grades Preschool- 6th

Easter Fun

Some of our 5th and 6th grade students learned about the Mexican / Spanish tradition of making confetti eggs also known as cascarones. The students took great interest in this multicultural experience.

Kicking It in Kindergarten

A big thank you to the Harrison County Farm Bureau for their recent donation of books for our students. Mrs. Pelegreen is reading a book about farm tractors to a kindergarten class.

Kindergarten has been working on clay eggs in art class.

Fun in First

First grade has been Weavin’ Watermelon with Ms. V in art class!

Soaring in Second

Second grade students got the privilege to be read to by high school student athletes. The book read to the second graders was titled “The Hog Mollies and the Visit with Victoria.” Each second grader gets their own copy of the book courtesy of The 2nd and 7 Foundation. The mission of the 2nd and 7 Foundation is to promote reading by providing free books and positive role models to kinds in need while encouraging young athletes of the community to pay it forward. 

Students in Miss Tipton’s 2nd grade were each given a Peep. They had to answer questions about the peep using their imagination, then they could eat their peep, and lastly, they had to turn their answered questions into a paragraph with at least five sentences.

Harrison Central seniors; Kaitlyn and Abbi came to Miss Tipton's 2nd grade to teach a lesson on plants in agriculture. They read a story to the students about seeds. Then they gave each student a foldable of the life cycle of a sunflower. The two seniors walked through the life cycle of the sunflower with the students asking them questions as they glued labels on each step of their foldable. When completed they had a foldable sunflower. The students enjoyed the lesson!

Kylie Montgomery, Axel Baker, Blade Kellaway, Gauge Nape & Brooke Howell are pictured below with their ribbons for earning 50 AR points.

Jacye McAfee has reached the 75 point mark in AR!

Everli Sall is pictured with her ribbon for earning 75 AR points.

Congratulations to Alyvia Bryant for earning 125 AR points.

Brodie Sweeney is pictured with his ribbon for earning 100 AR points.

Fabulous in Fourth

Fourth graders completed a Mystery Science activity called “Rocking the River.” They watched a video about purple sand on a beach in California and determined that a river was bringing pieces of the rock from a mountain which was not nearby. Mrs. Agostini and her students simulated the activity using construction paper as boulders to show how the rocks break up as they are transported.

Fantastic in Fifth

Fifth graders have been working on Straw Weaving Bracelets with Ms. V in art class.

Accelerated Reader goals were set higher the 3rd nine weeks, and these students in each of the 5th grade homerooms met and/or surpassed their goals. They were treated to an extra recess before Easter break. Great job, fifth graders! 

Tweeting from 21st

Mrs. Starr’s 6th grade 21st Century Enrichment class constructed towers out of drinking straws. The towers had to hold the weight of a softball, volleyball, and basketball. The tallest tower that held the weight of all three and deemed the winner was constructed by the partnership of Amelia Puskarich and Mikayla Pelegreen. Great job to all students! All straw towers were successful at holding the weight of the softball.

Mrs. Starr's 4th grade 21st century Enrichment class just completed a project in which they had to create a new state using the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. The students were required to create a name, adoption date, climate description, an outline map of the state, a flag, description of the government, education, and justice systems, a list of reasons to visit the state, and design a state seal. To share their creations, the students used display boards. 


Congratulations to March’s Staff Member of the Month, Mrs. Pendleton!

Congratulations to March’s Teacher of the Month, Mr. Smith!

Fifth Graders: Lochlin Rogers & Sessly Collins

Fourth Grader: Haylee Kelley

Third Grader: Keagan Rice

Fifth Grader: Kaden Eddy

Upcoming Events

April 21
• Math State Testing, Day 1

April 22
• Math State Testing, Day 2

April 26
• Spring Pictures, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

April 27
• Spring Pictures, Grades 3 & 4

April 28
• 5th Grade Science State Testing, Day 1

April 29
• 5th Grade Science State Testing, Day 1

April 30
• Spring Pictures, Grades 5, 6 & Preschool

May 28
• Last Day of School



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