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Huskies Talk Issue 7

The monthly administrators’ meeting was held where testing, professional development, and school safety were discussed. 

SHP and Hammond Construction held a zoom meeting concerning progress on parking lot, softball field, and football press-box. 

Collaboration with faculty and related service providers on student enrollment

Annual reviews within special education were held

Mrs. Harding has the 5-year forecast ready for approval at the regular board of education meeting on Thursday.

The state auditor’s office is very close to finishing up the FY2020 audit. Once it is done it goes to Columbus for review before being released to the public.

Mrs. Trushel and Mrs. Harding have been working on information for the final expenditure report related to Help Me Grow MIECHV funding.

October 26th-30th, students will be participating in Red Ribbon week to bring awareness to the prevention of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The Red Ribbon campaign encourages students of all ages to make the choice to be drug and violence free.

Students of all grades can participate in the themes for the week, which are:

Monday: Hairspray Drugs and Cap Bad Choices - Crazy Hair or Hat Day

Tuesday: Fight the War on Drugs- Mask Day, Decorate Your Facial Covering

Wednesday: Team up Against Drugs- Support Your Favorite Team

Thursday: Drugs get in the Way of Your Dreams- PJ Day (no slippers)

Friday: Scare Away Drugs- Costume Day


This week, the Ag Department set up a pumpkin patch for the preschoolers in the shop area of the Ag classroom. The kids are not able to go to the pumpkin patch this year, so it was brought to them. Students helped the children decorate their pumpkins and play games. This event will continue on throughout this week as well as next week.

Earlier in the week, a student, Elijah, requested to ride in a fire truck. Deputy Brooks got together with another deputy, Tony Sedgmer, who brought in a fire truck from the Cadiz Fire Department. From the help of the therapist, Elijah was able to take a joy ride around the school with lights and sirens going off. The previous and earlier year, he also requested to ride the ambulance and police cruiser, which was put together for him. With all the help and arrangements, they were able to make his day!

Mrs. Hawthorne's Principles of Business class had a virtual presentation with DoverPhila Credit Union, as they are using their financial literacy platform, Banzai. They provide this program to us at no cost through a financial literacy grant that the Ohio Department of Commerce recently awarded to them.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances with COVID-19, Mrs.Ripley’s and Mr. Zalenski’s band and choir trip to the Walt Disney World Resort has been rescheduled for the spring of 2022.

The 7th and 8th grade STEM class students completed small science fair projects, which are being displayed down main street in the main hallway. These projects were completed as part of their quarterly assessments. A broadcast media student, Caleb, interviewed two students about their projects and more details on what they had to do. Here is a link to the video:

On Wednesday, October 23, the junior high football team played their last game of the season. They finished with defeating Bellaire at home. They had a great season and finished with a record of 6-2. They faced a lot of tough competition, defeating Buckeye Local 26-20, Edison 34-20, Steubenville Central 38-8, Martins Ferry 48-28, Union Local 44-8, and Bellaire 22-18. Their two losses were to Brooke 26-12 and St. Clairsville 54-0.

Professional Development was held for teachers pertaining to Freckle curriculum product.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 30
Varsity Football vs. Buckeye Local (H) V.A.L.E.S. Trophy 7:00

Saturday, October 31
Cross Country Away (OHSAA Regionals) @ Pickerington



Peeking into Preschool

This week Miss Ashley’s classes visited the pumpkin patch that the Harrison Central FFA program put on for our little Huskies! Each kid got to pick a pumpkin and decorate it with stickers. They also set up many games for the kids to play. Check out all the Halloween fun below!

Group A

Class Picture

Group B

Class Picture

Fun in First

Just some fall fun! ??

Students painted pumpkins with Ms. V for art this week. Pictured below are some of the students from Ms. Coffman’s class.

Pumpkin fun continues as Mrs. Turner’s class plants the seeds they dug out of their pumpkins a few weeks ago. Check out their sprouts below!

Pumpkin painting with patterns in Mrs. Turner’s class.

Pictured above is Mrs. Turner’s homeroom with their painted pumpkins.

Students in Miss Jacobsen’s class learned about the differences between an animal fantasy story and realistic. They completed a writing craft that included illustrating the fantasy parts of the story and writing about it.

Miss Jacobsen’s class also spent some time this week exploring pumpkins. They tested whether they sank or floated, measured them and counted the lines on the outside of them. They wrapped up their week with some pumpkin painting. You can see some of their creations below!

Pictured above is Miss Jacobsen’s homeroom class with their pumpkins.

Soaring in Second

Students in Ms. V’s art class created Van Gogh STARY PUMPKIN PATCHES.

Everli Sall reached her 25 point AR goal!

Wyatt Zeroski, Brodie Sweeney, and Landon Coffman all reached their AR goal of 25 points.

Thriving in Third

Mrs. Wetherell's classroom sent the nursing department thank you letters for all their hard work in keeping everyone safe and healthy! 

Fabulous in Fourth

Congratulations to Alice Stidd for being the top AR points earner in 4th grade for the first nine weeks. 

As part of their Native American unit, students in Mr. Bengier’s class had to create an Indian civilization that included the five basic components that people need to live: food, water, fire, shelter, and tools. Check out some of the awesome displays below!

Bentley Slocum

Madison Taylor

Evan Johnson

Ella Smith

Mercedez Riley

Kolton Wheeler

Mikey Hummel

Destinee Robinson

Nicholas Ames

Caden Mansfield

Lilly Yarish is showing off her muscles using her STEM project.

Andrew Miller is making a Bobby Dropper to keep "Bobby" or his bobby pin/paper clip safe. This introduced the Design Process to the students.

In science class this week, students designed paper airplanes and tested to see which flew the furthest.

Mrs. Agostini’s homeroom poses for a quick picture during their extra recess last Friday. In a friendly competition against Mrs. Knight’s class, they successfully met their AR goals as a class first. Way to work hard toward your goals, 4A. Keep it up!

Fantastic in Fifth

Students created 3D owl collages in art class with Ms. V.

Katie Summers, Emerson Woods, and Caden Dennison are shown pictured with their 100%s they received on the class spelling bee and will compete in the school bee on December 4.

Mrs. Rocchi taught 5th grade did a Mindful Seeing lesson. Students had to carefully examine a leaf then try to differentiate between everyone’s leaves to find theirs. 

Evie Richards, Sage Anthony, and Katie Cumings are battling out a game of while reviewing vocabulary words.

BREAKING NEWS! Someone has broken into the art room and fifth grade students are putting their inferencing skills to the test to figure out who did it. 

Soaring in Sixth!

The sixth grade is beginning to study minerals, rocks, and soil. Friday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a Minerals and Rocks scavenger hunt to kick off our new unit.


Congratulations this week to 6th grader, Darius Hawthorne. He is being recognized by Mrs. Zeroski for being kind. Way to go, Darius!

Also, in the spotlight this week is 6th grader, Austin Sears. He is being recognized by Mrs. Cochran for being polite. Awesome job, Austin!

Check out fifth grader, Evan Saylor, who is being recognized for being accountable. Mrs. Bethel thinks you are doing awesome, Evan, and we agree!

Congratulations to Marley Zeroski who is being recognized this week by Mrs. Paul for treating others with kindness. Keep being awesome, Marley!

Sixth grader, Kamryn Crothers is being recognized this week by Mrs. Pendleton for showing good citizenship. Keep being the great role model you are, Kamyrn!

Congratulations to fourth grader, Karsima Ash! She was recognized by Mrs. Agostini for being ready to learn. Nice job, Karisma!

Fourth grader, Sophie Sullivan is also being recognized by Mrs. Agostini. Sophie has been doing a great job of being engaged in her learning this past week!

Fourth grader, Andrew Miller was recognized by Mrs. Agostini for treating others with kindness. Great job, Andrew!

Fourth grader, Andrew Hendershot is being recognized by Mrs. Patterson for his kindness towards others. This week when a new student joined the class, Andrew offered her some tickets to write her name on and put into the weekly drawing! Keep being sweet, Andy!

Third grader, Reese Dunlap is being recognized by Mrs. Thomas for working smart. Keep it up, Reese!

Congratulations to Mrs. Patterson for being chosen as the Capital Health Rockstar Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Patterson has been working as a full-time sub in Mrs. Carman’s room. She received a $50.00 Amazon gift card as part of the recognition. Great job, Bree!

Upcoming Events

October 26-30
• Red Ribbon Week 

Friday, October 30
• 1st 9-weeks report cards available



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