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Huskies Talk Issue 10

Athletics Facilities Improvements

Meetings were held to finalize the girls’ softball field construction and review construction for the boys’ baseball field and football press box. 

Superintendent's Cabinet

Mrs. Snider attended the Superintendent’s Cabinet at the Jefferson County ESC where representatives from Franciscan University and Eastern Gateway Community College spoke about enrollments and progress with the Learning Loss Grant was reviewed. 

Special Education Items

Collaboration with intervention faculty and related service providers

Annual review meetings were held with parents and team members

Coordination of symmetry within related services for students



Girls’ Varsity Basketball Falls to Meadowbrook

On Wednesday, November 24, the girls’ varsity basketball team played at home against the Meadowbrook Colts. At halftime, the Huskies were down 35-9 and down 46-13 by the end of the third quarter. Unfortunately, the game ended with a score of 48-18. 

 - Emily Davis

7th Grade Boys Scrimmage Weirton

On Monday, November 29, the 7th grade boys basketball team scrimmaged at Weirton. They played a total of four quarters, where they won one and dropped the other three. The coaches and team members saw improvement from their first scrimmage and are looking forward to the season.

 - Hailey Nation

Volleyball Banquet

On Sunday, November 28, the volleyball coaches held a banquet in the school auditorium at 6:00pm. The players were given awards for their hard work. Congratulations to McKayla Dunkle (1,101 kills) and Maddy Butler (1,201 digs) for joining the 1,000 Club. The awards for the varsity team were: Maddy Butler (518 digs) who earned the dig award, McKayla Dunkle (329 kills) who earned the hitting award, Sarah Touville (94.9%) who earned the serving award, Logan Johnson (488 assists) who earned the setting award, MaKayla Dunkle (70 blocks) who earned the blocking award, Nadia Tweedy who received the most improved award, and Danica Rensi who received the husky award. The awards for the JV team were Taylor Nemeth, receiving the most improved award and AnnMarie Carder, receiving the husky award.

 - Cecilia Bellerive

Boys’ Varsity Basketball Defeated by Union Local

On Saturday, November 27, the boys’ varsity basketball team traveled to Union Local High School. Unfortunately, the Huskies fell with a final score of Union Local 49 and Harrison Central 35. 

- Shyloh Utter

Varsity Bowling vs Union Local

On Tuesday, November 30, the Huskies varsity bowling team had a match at St. Clair Lanes, against Union Local. It was a close match with the girls’ team , but they fell short with a score of 1682-1633. The girls with the highest individual scores were Alyena Runevitch with 175 and 171, and Lauren Best with 153 and 139. The boys’ varsity team scored a win with a score of 1923-1777. The boys with the highest scores were Davis Chrisman and Kobe Hennis, both with 200.

- Kylie Richards

Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball Victorious over Union Local

On Saturday, November 27, the Harrison Central Huskies Junior Varsity basketball team played away against the Union Local Jets. The boys were victorious over Union Local. Harrison Central ending with a score of 31 and Union Local ending with a score of 29. 

- Madison Angle

8th Grade Boys Basketball Scrimmages Weir

On Monday, November 29, the 8th grade boys basketball team scrimmaged Weir. They looked better than their first scrimmage. They played a total of four quarters, the Huskies won three and lost one. The team is looking forward to the season! 

- Jaida Barber

Student Council Food Drive

The student council held a food drive from November 8 through November 19. They collected a total of 565 items. Ms. Zanath’s class were the winners, with 89 items donated. They were awarded with cinnamon rolls from Timi’s. All items were donated to the Cadiz Food Pantry. 

- Maddie Sedgmer

JV Girls’ Basketball Defeats Buckeye Local

On Monday, November 29 the Huskies JV girls basketball team played the Buckeye Local Panthers away at Buckeye Local. They played four, six minute quarters in total and ended with a score of 25-22, Huskies.

- Kaily Banal

9th Grade History Storyboards

Mr. Butler's 9th grade history class accomplished completing a storyboard for their book, Of Mice and Men. The students were each assigned a different section to complete, then conjoined all of their work to make one whole board. 

- Jessica Waid

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Defeats Buckeye Local

On Monday, November 29, the varsity girls’ basketball team played against the Buckeye Local Panthers. The Huskies were victorious, with a score of 48-35.

- Georgia Cox

JV Boys’ Basketball Soundly Defeats Indian Creek

On Tuesday, November 30, the JV boys’ basketball team defeated the Indian Creek Redskins 40-22. This win gives the JV squad a 2-0 record to start the season. 

- Edwin Stringer

Boys Varsity Basketball Victorious over Indian Creek

On Tuesday, November 30, the boys basketball team traveled to Indian Creek. 

The Huskies were down at halftime, 32-24. However, they fought back and left with a win of 59-58 over Creek. Hayden Cassidy and Jace Madzia led the team with 15 and 12 points, along with Joenus Jones and Mykel Quito with 8 points each. Overall, the game was very competitive and the Huskies brought home a win. 

- Aubrey Wood

ASVAB Results

On Wednesday, December 1, students who took the ASVAB spent time reviewing their results and exploring career opportunities. Their test scores help them decide what job fits them best. The ASVAB measures students strengths and potentials for succeeding in military training.

- Kaylee Vermillion

8th Grade Girls Basketball Falls to Union Local

On Wednesday, November 24, the 8th grade girls basketball team played Union Local. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good night for our girls, as the game ended with a score of 50-7, Union Local. 

- Cameron Aughinbaugh


7th Grade Girls’ Basketball Defeats Union Local

On Wednesday, November 24 the girls 7th grade basketball team hosted Union Local. The girls did great for their first game of the season, as the final score was Huskies 25 and Union Local 10. Good job girls! 

- Gretchin Dulkoski

JV Bowling Splits with Union Local

On Tuesday, November 23, the JV bowling team went against Union Local, at St. Clair Lanes. The boys lost 1194-1071. The high scores for the boys were: Peyton Roski-150, Kyle Bake-98, Caden Anthony-93, and Holden Anthony-91. The girls won their match 985-930. The high scores were as follows: Emily Schmidli-125, Kendra Dewees-120, Cameron Aughinbaugh-78, and Hannah Ragusa-78. 

- Peyton Roski

JV Girls Basketball Beats Meadowbrook

On Wednesday, November 24, JV girls basketball played Meadowbrook, at home. At halftime, the Huskies were up 12-0. The Huskies took the win with a final score of 18-13. 

- Trista Thompson

Varsity Bowling Splits with Beaver Local

On Thursday, December 2, the varsity girls were victorious and the boys were defeated by Beaver Local. The girls were up 160 pins going into the second game, and the end score was Harrison Central 1545 and Beaver Local 1350. The boys were defeated by Beaver Local with the scores of Huskies 1810 and Beavers 2073. 

- Aleyna Runevitch

8th Grade Boys Defeated by East Liverpool

On Thursday, December 2, the 8th grade boys’ basketball team played against the East Liverpool Potters. Unfortunately, the Huskies lost with the score of 33-14. 

- TyLynn Smith

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Defeats Edison

On Thursday, December 2, the varsity girls basketball team played at Edison. The girls came out strong, scoring the first points in the game. They led 23-15 at half time and finished the game with a final score of 45-23. McKayla Dunkle led the team with 22 points and 13 rebounds, and Maddy Butler added 13 points. 

- Angi Ferri

JV Girls Basketball Defeated by Edison

On Thursday, December 2 the JV girls basketball team lost against Edison. The score was close at halftime, 8-7, but the final score was 24-17, Edison. Kendal Hercules and Cali Lewis each had 4 points for the Huskies. 

- Nahia Ruiz de Alda

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 6
• Girls Varsity Basketball vs East Liverpool High School 6:00 PM

Tuesday, December 7
• Boys Varsity Basketball @ Beaver Local HS 5:30 PM
• Girls’ Junior High Basketball @ East Liverpool Middle School 5:30 PM

Wednesday, December 8
• Boys Junior High Basketball vs St. Clairsville 5:30 PM
• Boys Varsity Wrestling @ Claymont High School 5:30 PM

Thursday, December 9
• Girls’ Junior High Basketball vs St. Clairsville 5:30 PM
• Girls Varsity Basketball @ Beaver Local HS 5:30 PM

Friday, December 10
• Boys Varsity Basketball vs East Liverpool High School 6:00 PM
• Boys Varsity Wrestling W. I. T. @ Smithville 5:00 PM

Saturday, December 11
• Boys Junior High Basketball vs Union Local 11:00 AM
• Boys Varsity Wrestling W. I. T. @ Smithville 10:00 AM



Adding Activities

Students in Mrs. Toward’s class have been working hard all week reviewing how to add. Students have enjoyed all of the hands-on learning. To end the week, students showed off their skills by adding “Dino spots” on their craft they created.

Sensory Walk

Pictured below are students in Miss Dale and Mrs. Cottrell’s class enjoying the sensory walk.



Addison & Hazell

Hazell & Jaydin


Student Teacher Ms. SaintJean

Say hello to Mrs. Steele’s student teacher through October, Miss Marcelle SaintJean.

LETRS Training

Staff members, Knight and Gaffney, who are participating in LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) training have used their knowledge to display and teach their students phonics using their classroom sound wall.

One Word

The fourth grade would love to invite the whole school in joining them in finding One Word that to live by this school year. Mrs. Carman says, “Look inside yourself, what will you improve? Look around, what will improve the world? Live your One Word all year long and see what happens.” For more information, go to


Let’s hear it for the students pictured below for being recognized for their character!

Fifth grader, Neely Ryder

Third grader, Jaxon Knight

Fifth grader, Madison Singhaus

Fourth grader, Emeri Sefsick

Fifth grader, Kingston Smith

Sixth grader, Cirsten Parrish

Sixth grader, Chloe Omaits

Fifth grader, Eva Smith

Sixth grader, Turner Snyder

Sixth grader, Elliot Rhodes

October Students of the Month

Preschool: Ada Hollaway and Owen Neitzelt

Kindergarten: Layne Harris and Harper Dunlap

1st grade: TyShaun Sturgeon and Abagail Atkins

2nd grade: Josie Olinski and Malea Kelley(not pictured)

3rd grade: Declan Richards and Sienna Woodard

4th grade: Zane Willis and Jax Phillipson

5th grade: Justine Gotschall and Mikayla Blanchard

6th grade: Zayden Losh and Austin Utter

Them Bones, Them Bones in 21st Century

Averee Hyde (5th grade) is showing her Bloom’s Unit project in 21st Century Class which was to draw the human skeleton inside of their own outline of their body and then labeling the major bones.

Using Multimedia in 21st Century

5th grade 21st Century (Mrs. Rocchi’s group) is watching the movie version of Call it Courage by Sperry Armstrong after we read the book then students passed the Accelerated Reader quiz. 

Third Grade Prepares for State Testing

Third grade students practice answering state test questions with partners.

Husky Athletes Encourage Reading through 2nd & Seven Program

On Friday, ten Husky athletes visited second grade classrooms to read as part of a program called 2nd and Seven. The 2nd & Second foundation encourages reading in younger students by providing a free book to each child. It also encourages high school athletes to be role models for youngers students and pay it forward. The foundation has created its own books series called The Hog Mollies to help address important messages to its readers. This year’s book, The Hog Mollies & Troy’s Top Troop, teaches students about goal setting. Pictured below is Ms. Gaffney’s class.

Making the Grade

Fourth grade students pictured below were recognized for their hard work during the first nine weeks.

Principal’s List

Honor Roll

One Day I Hypnotized my Principal

Second grade students in Mrs. Knight’s class wrote narrative paragraphs about hypnotizing their principal, Mrs. McKinney. Their funny stories are currently on display in the 2nd grade ELA.

Fact Master

Congratulations to Reagan Hodge, who is the newest fact master in Ms. Gaffney’s second grade class!

Math Time

Second grade students, Payton Harris and Alison Mitchell, use dry erase markers and a little “magic fairy dust” to practice writing numbers in expanded form in preparation for using the decomposing strategy to add two-digit numbers.


Let’s hear it for the students pictured below for being recognized for their character!

Fourth grader, Ryder Best

Sixth grader, Ivee McAfee

Honoring Veteran’s Day

In Kindergarten

Mrs. Novotny’s class is thankful for our veterans.

Students in Miss A. Tipton’s kindergarten class did a directed drawing of a veteran in honor of Veterans Day. 

Student in Miss E Tipton’s kindergarten class drew veterans following a directed drawing instruction. They also learned about Veterans Day in the classroom through a PowerPoint and a story.

In Second Grade

Students in Ms. Gaffney’s class read “Veterans: Heroes in our Neighborhood”. Then, they made thank you notes to give to a Veteran in their neighborhood.

In Fourth Grade

In Mr. Bengier’s class, students made a Veterans Day Booklet and learned about the importance of the day!

Second and 7

Julia Doty & Hunter Bittinger read to Mrs. McAfee’s class.

Group photo of Mrs. McAfee’s class.

In Mrs. McAfee’s class, students drew their favorite part of the book. Pictured above is Jace Bumgardner with his drawing.

I is for Ice Cream

Students in Miss A. Tipton’s kindergarten learned about the letter I and made ice cream letter book crafts. 

Awarding AR

Fifth graders that met their AR goals for the first nine weeks were awarded an ice cream sundae party and extra recess.

Star Math

Some of the fourth-grade students earned a reward from their recent Star Math test. These kids are lovin’ it!


Let’s hear it for the students pictured below for being recognized for their character!

Fourth grader, Lavon Sturgeon

Fourth grader, Hensley Bittinger

Upcoming Events

December 20 & 21
• No PAWS, afterschool tutoring

Thursday, December 21
• Christmas Program

December 22-31
• Christmas Break

Monday, January 3
• Classes Resume



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