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Harrison Hills City School District News Article

New On-Site Healthcare Center

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff, 

Harrison Central is excited to announce the opening of an on-site healthcare center at our facility! An advanced healthcare provider from WVU will be on-site to work along with our nurses to provide convenient care for Harrison Central students in a safe, child-friendly environment. This service will also be available for staff plus students beginning Wednesday March 2, 2022 and every other Wednesday from 7:30-11:30 am.

What services are available?
Well checks, sick visits, injury treatment, sports physicals, and behavioral health evaluation and treatments will be offered. Maintenance for chronic health conditions like seizures, diabetes, and asthma can also be provided. It will be like a doctor’s office in the school. Our specialist can also assist in the management of behavioral health. 

How does it work?
Parents can make appointments for their child through the nursing office at 740-942-7715. If your child becomes ill at school or if they have an injury that needs evaluated, the nurses will contact you to see if you’d like for your child to be evaluated by the advanced healthcare provider. Parents are welcome at the appointment, but the child can be seen without a parent present at your request. We recognize that work and transportation issues may create barriers to healthcare. The advanced provider will communicate with you after they evaluate your child. 

Example: Your child presents to the nursing office with complaints of an earache. If you give permission, your child can be evaluated to see if an infection is present. You can also schedule well visits through the nursing office at the number listed above. 

What about my doctor’s office?
We encourage all families to maintain a relationship with your current doctor. We understand however that it isn’t always convenient or possible to get your child to their office on short notice and we can help fill that gap.

What about cost?
All children and staff enrolled in the school-based health services are eligible to receive service regardless of insurance status. These services will be provided FREE thanks to a governmental grant. 

How do I enroll my child?
We cannot provide services to your child without permission. The attached forms are to gather medical history and provide us with the information needed to care for your child. In order to enroll your child, please complete the following forms and return them to the school. The forms must be entirely completed. Please contact the nursing office with any questions. 
We look forward to providing quality care to Harrison Central students and staff. 

Harrison Hills-WVU School Based Medical Clinic Form

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