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Harrison Hills City School District's Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Academic Recovery Plan

District Name:Harrison Hills City School District
District Address:  100 Huskies Way Cadiz, Ohio 43907
District Contact:Dana Snider, Superintendent
District IRN:045245

The recently passed American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides federal resources to support state and local school districts. Schools are required to develop a plan detailing the safe return to in-person instruction and the continuity of services. This plan will be reviewed and revised as needed through September 2023.

A message from the Harrison Hills superintendent, Mrs. Dana Snider:
Harrison Hills City School District’s mission is to “To collaborate with parents and the community to educate and empower all students to become compassionate contributing citizens who will excel in an ever-changing world”. The school family including 1574 students and 198 faculty strive for great things for our students as they enter the world as educated adults.

Harrison Hills has established belief statements: We believe student learning should encompass academic, extra-curricular, and social activities for a well rounded education. We believe the purpose of the school is to provide students with a safe environment that is conducive to learning and to provide to the students a staff that is caring and compassionate. We believe that effective teaching is essential to the successful education of students. Teachers should have a thorough knowledge of the subject to be able to communicate well with students, staff, parents, and administrators. They must be willing to change their teaching styles to benefit the ever-changing educational environment. We believe the principal’s primary job is to provide a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for students, staff, and parents, Principals should be able to communicate well with others and have an open mind concerning problems and/or changes that need to be made for a better school. We believe the parent/guardian’s role in education is to reinforce the homework and supply additional information at home. Parents/guardians should encourage their children to conduct themselves appropriately so as to produce a productive learning environment at home and school. We believe that a positive, safe, and successful education of our students needs to be a combined effort of teachers, administrators, parents, and community. These are our guiding principles that drive our instruction and promote a safe welcoming environment as we enter the 2021-2022 school year.  

Harrison Hills City School District has partnered with the Jefferson County Educational Service Center staff and participating schools to discuss academic recovery and safe school environments.  A focus will also be on academics and social-emotional well-being. Assessments and surveys will be given to establish a base for our students. Harrison Hills free/reduced percentage is nearly 52%. The district will provide all school supplies and individual technology devices. The federal government will continue free breakfasts and lunches and student encouragement to participate in these programs will continue. The Back to School Rally will be held again in August in our new track complex. Thirty community partners will provide food and school items to the students.

The district worked with the Harrison County Health Department and Harrison Community Hospital throughout the pandemic. In February staff were offered the vaccine and in May students 15 years and older were offered the vaccine.  District nurses provided contact tracing for positive student or staff cases. An additional custodian was hired to ensure a sanitized school environment.  These procedures will continue throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Physical distancing will still be recommended but not required. Frequent handwashing for all will be emphasized. Accommodations for students with disabilities will be reviewed through student health plans. Mask wearing will be optional for all.

Academic Needs
Social Emotional Needs
Professional Learning Needs
Impacted Students
Staff will meet and discuss student achievement all of in-person learning and online students. Data from formative and summative assessments, fall and spring state testing results, and teacher recommendation will be used to analyzed those students to target for summer remediation in the areas of reading and math.
Data will be reviewed pertaining to student referrals for counseling and social interventions. Teacher referrals will be taken for students that would benefit from summer services.
All staff will be offered additional training in remediation programs and student assessment.
Assessment of Needs
Pre and post assessments will be utilized to determine student benefit. Online assessments of Star Reading, IStation, and Pearson will be continued in the summer program as well as teacher formal and informal evaluation.
Pre and post assessments will be administered to determine student benefit. Community partner Village Network and school counselors, interventionists, and nurses will be part of the team to decide student need.
Professional development for the summer reading and math series will be offered by Harrison Central staff to staff that are hired for summer program.
Summer 2021
Students in grades kindergarten through eighth will be offered reading and math intervention. Students in grades 9-12 that are credit deficient will be targeted. The program will run June 1-24, Monday through Thursday from 8:00-12:00 and transportation will be provided.
A summer counseling service schedule will be provided to students. County mentors may be sought for students. Transportation will be provided.
Staff will be surveyed to determine professional development needs.
Resources and Budget
Summer 21

ESSER Funds Estimate: $50,000
ESSER Funds Estimate: $20,000
ESSER Funds Estimate: $30,000
For grades kindergarten through second, the focus with three Title I teachers will be researched based reading remediation to those students that data reveals deficiencies. Each grade level will have a special education teacher and a paraprofessional. An additional math interventionist will also be hired. Summer learning will be based on student need and the success of the Summer 2021 Program.
The school staff along with counselors, interventionists and resource officers will work to provide a positive school atmosphere. PBIS and emphasis on PAX behavior will be utilized. Community resources of Cambridge Counseling, The Village Network, and Family Children First Council, and County Juvenile Parole Officers will be a part of the school teams.
Professional development will be offered through the Summer of 2021 and 2022. All staff are encouraged to attend professional development offered throughout the year. Harrison Hills utilizes the ESC, SST, and local universities for specific trainings.
Plans for the 2022-2023 will be developed based on the assessed needs of our students. The district will continue to meet the range of student needs.
Plans for the 2022-2023 will be developed based on the assessed needs of our students. The district will continue to build positive school culture to promote learning.
Plans for the 2022-2023 will be developed based on the assessed district need through the use of our collaborative teams (District Leadership, Building Level Teams, and Teacher Based Teams)
Family Children First Council, Wheeling Hospital, Harrison County Health Department, Harrison County Puskarich Library System, Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Jefferson County ESC, STT 12
The Village Network, Cambridge Counseling, Harrison Central Psychologist, Social Interventionist, Truancy Prevention Officer, and guidance counselors.
Family Children First Council, Harrison County Drug Coalition, Jefferson County ESC, STT 12, Wheeling Hospital, Franciscan University
Harrison ODE Needs Assessment, Strategic Plan
Harrison ODE Needs Assessment, Strategic Plan, Ohio Yes Survey
Harrison ODE Needs Assessment, Strategic Plan, and teacher surveys and needs.

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